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Covid-19 Impact On Local Areas

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Has My Local Area Been Affected? The short answer is yes, every community has. The pandemic has impacted the UK and all countries. Following on from our post last week which detailed the impact on local communities via local council areas. This post works in a very different way as the office of national statistics […]

Covid19 updates

Deaths Involving Covid19-Update

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As the Confirmed deaths involving covid19 rates start to decline within the UK. It is quite clear that the national reporting has made us all aware of the daily infections/deaths. However, the ONS have been publishing collated data for each parish within the UK. As the downward trend continues and there have been some success […]

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Death In Service

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What Is Death In Service? And Will It Be Enough? Whether you are 25 years into your career or just starting out as a junior. Most people will know a little bit about the Death in Service benefit, as it is pretty common benefit in most jobs. There are many reasons why you might get […]


Explore the UK summer Holiday

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UK summer holiday

Will 2020 and beyond see the rise of the UK summer holiday? Over many decades the UK Summer holiday was dominated by international travel. However after the medical crisis globally, would you risk using the “air bridge” to another country or explore the UK? With the control of the “r” rate and the decline of […]