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A Game Changer in UK Covid 19 Testing

A Game Changer in UK Covid 19 Testing

A possible game changer in Uk testing. As we look with apprehension on what could happen during the current pandemic caused by Covid19, with the NHS leading the charge in looking after the people who require medical intervention. We can take a few glimmers of hope because two of the countries greatest universities. Cambridge and Oxford University are currently working on a trial called “Recovery”.

Testing Trials

The Trial has already begun with the successful role out of a new, better, faster more accurate method of detecting Covid 19. Cambridge University in collaboration with Oxford University have begun the trial of the Samba II. Thanks to the donation made from the businessman and philanthropist Sir Chris Hohn who donated $3 million Dollars. Although we do need to be patient in its results, it is hoped to be rolled out nationally to help those patients who require urgent testing.

Please take a moment to read the articles below and share, tweet, talk about it to friends. We need to talk about the positive fight against the virus and move together each day. Looking forward, not backwards to more people helping one another and a united fight across the UK and other countries against Covid 19. #nhs #workingtogether #stayathome

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