Bradycardia Life Insurance

Bradycardia Life Insurance

Do you suffer from Bradycardia or have another differently diagnosed heart arrhythmia? Not sure how to find cost effective Bradycardia Life Insurance cover? At Life Insurance Cover we can help you find the protection you are looking for. Life Insurance Cover compares all of the different Insurers to quickly and easily find cover that protects you and your loved ones.

What Is Bradycardia?

Bradycardia is a slower than normal heart rate. A normal adult resting heart rate is between 60–100 beats per minute (bpm). If you have Bradycardia, your heart beats fewer than 60 times a minute. People who are physically very fit can have a heart rate as low as 40 bpm. But in people who aren’t physically very fit, bradycardia is often a sign of problems with the heart.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bradycardia?

A heart rate that’s too slow can cause insufficient blood flow to the brain. Symptoms of Bradycardia include:

  • Fatigue or feeling weak
  • Dizziness or light headedness
  • Confusion
  • Fainting (or near-fainting) spells
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty when exercising
  • Cardiac arrest (in extreme cases)

Causes Of BradyCardia

As with many different heart arrhythmias, Bradycardia can be caused other parts of the body and the heart itself. Causes for Bradycardia include:

  • Problems with the sinoatrial (SA) node, sometimes called the heart’s natural pacemaker
  • Problems in the conducting pathways of the heart that do not allow electrical impulses to pass properly from the atria to the ventricles
  • Metabolic problems such as hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone)
  • Damage to the heart from heart disease or heart attack
  • Certain heart medications that can cause bradycardia as a side effect

But in many cases, it’s not clear what causes Bradycardia in individuals, however it is more prevalent in older generations.

Treatment For Bradycardia

If you have been diagnosed with Bradycardia or an abnormally low heart rate, your treatment will depend on the cause and severity of your condition. After diagnosing your condition, a specialist will determine the best treatment options and may suggest lifestyle changes to improve your condition.

This may include stopping or changing some medications or making certain lifestyle changes. If your Bradycardia is related to an underlying condition, such as hypothyroidism or a congenital disease, your treatment will usually focus on managing that condition.

In certain cases, especially if the cause is an abnormality of the heart’s electrical system, you may need to have a pacemaker fitted.

Different Types Of Bradycardia

There are several types of slow heart rates (Bradycardias or Bradyarrhythmias). Each type carries a specific risk of complications and treatment options available:

Sinus Bradycardia: The heart rate is less than 60 beats per minute. This slow heart rate might be normal. This type of slow heart rate is often seen in healthy, athletic people. It rarely requires treatment unless it causes symptoms.

Sinus Pause: During a sinus pause, the heart may miss one or more beats because its natural pacemaker fails to activate the electrical system throughout the rest of the heart. A person may have symptoms now and then and need a pacemaker

Sick Sinus Syndrome: This occurs when the normal pacemaker of the heart (the sinus node) does not work properly. Various irregular heart rates (arrhythmias) or combinations of arrhythmias can happen.

Tachycardia-Bradycardia Syndrome: This condition can cause the heart to sometimes beats too quickly (tachy) and sometimes beats too slowly (brady). This abnormal heart rhythm problem is often seen in people who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

Heart block: A Heart block refers to an abnormality in the way electricity passes through the normal electrical pathways of the heart. The abnormality “blocks” the electrical impulse from continuing through the normal pathways and can result in a slower heart rate.

Many people who have suffer with Bradycardia or other heart arrhythmias have been accepted for Life Insurance. Insurers will however accept applications based on your current treatment and if there are other conditions. By writing to your GP to confirm your treatment and whether there are any medical complications.

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Finding Bradycardia Life Insurance

Finding Bradycardia Life Insurance

As an FCA regulated broker, we search and compare all Life Insurance policies available in the UK including specialist protection providers, Life Insurance Cover can find the best policy types and protection for you. It can be difficult to find the right Bradycardia Life Insurance cover for your needs, but we can help you.

As Bradycardia can be life changing long-term condition for some people which can link to other health conditions. Some Insurers may be wary about accepting all potential applications. All Insurers underwrite applications by writing to your GP to confirm treatment and medication. By completing the medical forms from customers looking for Bradycardia Life Insurance. This ensures they manage and assess their level of risk. If you have had complications or secondary medical problems. It can be challenging to know where to find an Insurer that can meet your needs depending on your medical history.

Costs for Insurance Premiums

Because Bradycardia has links to other long-term health conditions, some Insurers may charge higher premiums than a person with no health conditions at all. This will however depend on the severity of your condition. Whether you are able to keep your symptoms under control with medications and/or diet or lifestyle. If you have had hospital admissions as a result of Bradycardia, your premiums may be higher and an Insurer may request some further details from your doctor to determine your premiums.

Prices from Insurers will vary depending on who you speak to, which is why Life Insurance Cover is one the best places to find Bradycardia Life Insurance.

At Life Insurance Cover our specialist team of advisors can help you find the best Life Insurer that suits your needs. Helping you to compare prices and find the best deal that is within your budget.

who offers Bradycardia Life Insurance?

Who Offers Bradycardia Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Cover searches and compares polices from all of the UK’s leading Insurers for conditions like Bradycardia. By using an FCA regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover to compare all of the possible policies available. Will enable you to search all of the UK Life Insurance providers in one simple search to find the best protection for you and your family. During the Life Insurance quote process, we will get quotes from more than provider and explain the benefits of each policy available to you. Helping you to protect today and provide for the future with a financial safety net. An FCA-regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover can help you to find:

  • The best price for Bradycardia Life Insurance
  • Protection for you and your family
  • A specialist Insurer that understands you and your symptoms

Different Protection For Bradycardia

Critical illness Insurance offers protection for many conditions including cancer. If you have received a diagnosis and ongoing treatment for Bradycardia. Acceptance of your Critical Illness Cover application will depend on multiple factors. This will include your overall health, whether your symptoms are under control. An Insurer may want a medical report to review your current treatment. If you have experienced medication complications, you may face higher premiums or may even need to take out a policy with a specialist Insurer.

Because Life Insurance Cover is an FCA regulated broker we are able to search all of the UK Life Insurance providers to find the best quotes available. By comparing all of the many different policies available will help you find the right cover and take the hassle out of the application process. Simply complete the enquiry form to get a quote. It’s quick, simple and completely free.

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Do you have an ongoing medical condition and require Life Insurance protection? At Life Insurance Cover we take the time to find you the best policy and save you money. We make the purchasing of Life Insurance as quick and simple as possible. Protect today to provide for the future and create a financial safety net for you and your family.