Eat Out to Help Out: Where to Eat

eat out to help out

During the month of August at participating restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, work canteens and food halls, you can get more than a 50% discount on food or non-alcoholic drinks. This is limited to a maximum discount of £10 per diner) every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until August 31.

Helping Out The Smaller Guys

Week 2 Update

Week 3 Update

Week 4 Update

Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

During the month of August, the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme has been launched to encourage people to eat out in a bid to boost the economic recovery for the food service sector. Rishi Sunak unveiled the new scheme last month which will be available every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until the end of the month.

The Chancellor launched the scheme by stating: “To get customers back into restaurants, cafes and pubs and protect the 1.8 million people who work in them we will give everyone an ‘eat out to help’ out discount.” It will only cover food and non-alcoholic drinks.

There are no Limits to how many times you can use the discount as it is not linked to a voucher scheme. Meaning during August anyone who wishes to have 3 or more meals a day can do so.

Which Restaurants are taking part?

The government has provided an interactive list of providers who have signed up to the scheme. This includes a 5 mile radius of your search. So if you are taking advantage of a UK staycation it will help you find a new place to dine out.

Although the list is extensive, at Life Insurance Cover we would like to help smaller restaurants by promoting them as well. Most of the smaller restaurant and pubs have been providing food deliveries during lock down.

During the month of August we would like bar owners, restaurants, pubs, takeaway shops and your local café to contact us. At Life Insurance Cover will help to promote them through our social media and website for free. Do you have a favourite food provider who is helping out a local community within the scheme? Drop us an email or a comment.

Eat out to help out

Larger Chains

Whilst everyone has been re-discovering the fun of home cooking during lock-down. Some of the countries favourite takeaways and restaurants are now offering some tempting discounts. Many households have had to reduce their spending during furlough as incomes have been reduced. However many of the discounts now available put the average cost of eating out back to the 1980s:

Burger King’s Eat Out to Help Out hack will get you a £4.49 Whopper burger for £1

McDonalds Cheese burgers are now only 49p.

If you include the Government’s VAT cut, it means food costs will be up to two thirds cheaper than prior lockdown.

Making Eating Out Great Again

During the “usual” summer holidays most parents are on a budget, however everyone likes to have healthy good quality meals which are affordable. By using the eat out to help out scheme it will help everyone to enjoy time friends and family with more than 50% knocked off the bill.

If you are feeling hesitant about going into restaurants or other eateries, many providers will offer a collection service. So enjoy the nice weather, maybe take a drive and explore somewhere new, take a picnic blanket and grab a lovely meal from a new local pub or restaurant. It is important to note that if you want to take advantage of the scheme, to state to the eatery that your order is collection and not takeaway.

What Deals Can I Get?

Burger King, for the first two weeks of August, customers can buy a Whopper for just £1, rather than the usual £4.49.

JD Wetherspoon has also signed up to the scheme, and will be selling meals for as little as £2. The pub chain announced that, under the scheme, breakfasts will cost £2.24, a pizza £2.75, and other meals £2.37, with kids’ meals costing £2.08.

McDonald’s cheeseburgers are 50p and entire value meals are £2.30. Highlights of the new price menu include a Breakfast Meal for £1.75, Happy Meal for £1.30, a Big Mac Medium Extra Value Meal at £2.30, 20 McNuggets for £3 and a McFlurry at 50p.

Costa has said customers will be able to buy a coffee from just 32p. That is down 68% on a couple of weeks ago. It is also slashing prices of sandwiches, breakfast baps and sweet treats.

Nando’s are offering a quarter of chicken for £1.85. Other deals include quarter peri peri chicken and two sides, £3.38, half peri peri chicken and two sides, £4.90, 10-piece peri peri chicken wing roulette for £4.80, halloumi sticks and dip starter, £1.74, and beanie burger at £2.95.

KFC have a feast on a six-piece Bargain Bucket for £7.50, Zinger Tower Box meal for £4.35 or regular popcorn chicken for £2.

Wagamama are offering yaki soba will now be £4.75, chicken katsu curry £5.13 and chilli squid £3.23.

M&S is reopening 102 more of its cafes and joining the scheme. A toasted teacake will be 86p, a bacon bun £1.64, cheese & ham toastie £1.97 and jacket potato with tuna & sweetcorn £2.30.

Helping Out The Smaller Guys

As mentioned above, at Life Insurance Cover wants to celebrate the smaller providers. Here are a couple of our favourites who deserve a visit or two.

The Greystones – A lovely village pub, who have been providing delivery meals during the pandemic. They have ample space in the garden or pick from their grill and have a picnic.

La Calabria Restaurant – A successful authentic Italian restaurant in South Wales, who have been providing meals during lock-down. They are now taking bookings for diners inside their restaurant or collection.

Week 2 Update

As promised here is another selection of smaller providers that are worthy of a visit, many of whom were helping their communities during lockdown.

Addison Arms – Glatton

Following on from their amazing eat in menu prior to lock-down, they adapted very quickly to offer home deliveries to Glatton and neighbouring villages including Sawtry. During the eat out to help out scheme they have a very large selection on their menu. Drop them a visit if you are local, if you are driving down the A1 it is worth the slight route change for their fantastic food.

The Crown Inn – Elton

Another fantastic pub which has been voted into the top 30 of places to eat, drink or stay in the UK, that has being helping out their local community. During August, why not pop in and try a meal at the reduced cost of the eat out to help out scheme.

The Pigs – Edgfield

Local meals with a city twist, if you like the idea of a classic pub feel and have a spa attached, this could be a contender for a meal during the eat out to help out scheme. Great local location, plenty of countryside to walk of one of their amazing puddings.

Lily’s Kitchen – Carmarthen

If its a fantastic local breakfast, lunch or dinner that you are after. Why not pop in and give them a try during August. Take advantage of the eat out to help out scheme. Lovely little market town on the way to the coast. highly recommend a visit.

Week 3 Update

It only feels like a few days since the eat out to help out scheme was launched. We are now into the third week of the scheme (unless it gets extended). Please support the smaller cafes, restaurants and eateries during the last few days of the scheme. Here are a few more suggestions for you all:

The Black Ox – Abergwili, Carmarthenshire

A local pub, with a difference. Fantastic food and friendly staff. Awarded into the top 11 places to eat in Wales. So if you are local or passing by, why not book a table and take advantage of the eat out to help out scheme.

The Green Man – Colne

This award winning pub has been providing outstanding food and service throughout the pandemic to locals and people a little further a field. Awarded No1 in the Camra rural pub of the year and No1 for pub of the year. Unlike many large chain pubs, you can appreciate the time taken by the staff for the benefit of their customers. Book a table and enjoy a meal out with friends and family.

Black Mocha – Brighton

Going to the coast during the school summer holidays? or lucky enough to enjoy the Brighton & Hove coastline. Why not pop into Black Mocha and try their meals and coffee instead of the larger providers. They are currently signed up to the eat out to help out scheme. Check out what they offer for you.

Rudys Neapolitan Pizza – Birmingham

Fancy more than just a standard pizza? Authentic Neapolitan Pizza made in the best way possible. If your based in the midlands and fancy not cooking tonight, Tuesday or Wednesday. Check out their social media, we are pretty sure you will fancy a pizza when you see for yourself.

Week 4 Update

As we approach the end of the August with the last 4 days the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme. For the last update (unless the scheme gets extended). We have compiled even more smaller providers for you to go and try out. Feel free to tag any restaurants, cafes, pubs and any other small eatery to join the list.

Diablos SA1 – Swansea

If you are in the Swansea bay area or heading that way during Monday – Wednesday or on Bank Holiday Monday. Why not pop into Diablo’s and try their professionally prepared, fantastic food, lovingly created meals from their team of chefs. Feeling peckish? check out the menu.

Brew & Brownie – York

A Fantastic seasonal coffee shop/ York Tea room. Visiting York or live locally? Give them your support during the Eat Out To Help Out scheme. Check out some of their fantastic meals.

Key Lime Coffee – Liverpool

Popped to Liverpool to do a spot of shopping? or popping to the into the city? Why not try Key Lime Coffee for their all day brunch, American breakfasts, gluten free, pancakes, waffles and of course their famous coffee and shakes

Get In Touch

Let us know who you would like to be nominated as part of the eat out to help out scheme, contact us or leave a comment and we will be in touch. For the final 4 days of the scheme, we would like to list as many smaller bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes as possible, suggest away and they will get a mention.