Explore the UK summer Holiday

UK summer holiday

Will 2020 see the rise of the UK summer holiday?

Over many decades the UK Summer holiday was dominated by international travel. However after the medical crisis globally, would you risk using the “air bridge” to another country or explore the UK?

With the control of the “r” rate and the decline of new cases of covid19. The government could allow UK wide travel from early July. Foreign travel remains tightly restricted and all airlines are now lobbying the government to allow them to cobble together a way of creating revenue and potentially risking the health of the general public.

Countries and “air bridges”

Greece has announced that visitors from the UK will remain excluded when it opens up for tourists in the near future. Raising concerns that holidays abroad may be off the agenda for Brits this year. Other European countries appear to have the same concerns about international travel during the summer months. The UK’s high infection rate and number of coronavirus cases has forced a number of countries to consider pushing back the date that Britons can visit.

Holidays within the UK could return as early as the start of July, according to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

UK summer holiday

UK staycations

“I would love to get the tourism sector up as quickly as we possibly can,” Dowden told the Downing Street press conference last week. “

Since 11 May, the government has allowed people to spend time sitting outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, picnicking or sunbathing in one-to-one groups. Moving into June and July, movements for UK residents will increase allowing more localised travel as long as social distancing is maintained. While that will be expanded to include larger groups. Currently no overnight stays are allowed for now – meaning the hospitality industry remains shut down.

Where to holiday in the UK

UK holiday accommodation will reopen no earlier than 4 July, and will only be permitted to do so then if the government is satisfied the infection rate of the coronavirus is low enough. If the UK holiday industry can get back on its feet for a few months this summer, then the normal British holiday spots are expected to be very busy. Visitors are expected to flock to everywhere from the Lake District to local coast destinations.

The Financial Times reported that the government is planning to “call on Britons to holiday at home”. Industry body Visit Britain has asked ministers to “unlock the great British holiday”, says The Telegraph.

Or the risk of “air bridges”

With the pandemic rates lowering in some countries, it may seem appealing to get away for a few days. However by using international travel, the exposure to covid19 may be a risk to far for some people. Without the safety net of the NHS or local support groups. Is it worth the risk for medical treatment? The UK is on target to have one of the warmest summers in many years. Why not discover a local coast and help to support local tourism within the UK.

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