Covid19 updates

Interacting with others

Interacting with others

Interacting with others during the current medical emergency.

The UK now moves into the next phase of combating Coronavirus.

Be aware of their movements and interactions with others. The country is taking a proactive approach to social distancing and the ability to work from home.

Modern technology allows many to work from home. Praise to the hard working members of staff involved in face to face interactions. Including the NHS, emergency services, supermarkets, small business and delivery staff.

Moving into the next phase it is clear that everyone has their part to play. Adapting to the current phase of containment.

Most will already be aware that the NHS system will be changing to benefit the many who require assistance. Visible from local GP surgeries up to and including intensive care treatment. It is worth noting that although only urgent care will be offered. There are still many methods of seeking medical help including 111.

Home working and interacting with others

Home working, for many, is seeming to be quite a viable option for many employers as technology and interacting with others is evolving. Interactions now being completed via face time, conference calling and emails.

We do have to consider and care for the members of staff who are fulfilling orders, taking calls from customers and meeting customers face to face.

Everyone has been accustomed to close social interactions. The current WHO guidelines of social distancing of 2 metres will take time to adapt into everyday life. It will, for the short term, be quite challenging. It will be benefit everyone.

Whilst stocking up the cupboards seems to have taken a back seat to over shopping the essentials. It’s reassuring that all the large supermarkets. Have issued statements advising caution and imposing limitations. Which allows everyone to have access to meet their household requirements.

What we can do

It is also worth noting that shopping at your local butcher, shop, baker or other amenity. Is beneficial to everyone as it provides an income for the outlet. As they do not have the financial reserves of the larger providers.

One of the many forgotten parts of society are the elderly and vulnerable. Long terms sufferers of severe medical conditions are socially isolated. As we move into the next phase of containment. It remains the responsibility of family members and friends.

To maintain social interaction through the use of emails, calls, and social media and video calls. It is also worth noting that many local communities are setting up. Or currently operating help for people who are self-isolating or who have underlying medical conditions.

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