Is Lego The Best Therapy?

Lego therapy

Could Lego Be The Best Mindfulness Therapy?

Following on from our previous post during the initial lockdown, in which we looked at escapism as a method of mindfulness and therapy. Which many people still currently enjoy as Animal Crossing New Horizons is constantly coming up with new content. Today we take a look at a construction toy that many children have grown up with through the decades.

You may have a favourite memory of rummaging around your Lego box trying to find the elusive brick to finish an 18 wheel lorry or mega house. For many adults at the time, it is more likely that the sound of Lego going into the hoover or standing on a brick remains in their mind.

Today We Look At:

How Lego Helps Children Across The World

Is Lego A Mindfulness Therapy For Grown Ups?

Is Lego Worth Collecting?

Life Insurance Cover Lego Build Challenge

Lego Therapy for children

How Lego Helps Children Across The World

Through the very simple design which has not changed since its patent in January 1958. The simple process of connecting interlocking bricks together to create endless possibilities. Has helped generations of children to understand the importance of play and interactions with others.

Over the last 10 years, Lego has been identified as a mindfulness therapy for many different groups of children. In the UK, a Lego based therapy group called Bricks for Autism has increased its therapies. Which were based on Dr Dan LeGoff, a Paediatric Neuropsychologist in the USA, previous therapy groups.

Through the therapy of play, Lego can help with social anxiety and encourage children to work together to create a completed project. Providing both a level of satisfaction for a job well done, as well as improving communication skills.

Lego Therapy for adults

Is Lego A Therapy For Grown Ups?

Over the past few years, Lego has been identified as a very useful therapy in helping adults reduce their anxiety and depression. One of the many reasons for this are the more advanced build kits created by Lego. With such a large variety of kits including Land rover Defenders, hyper cars and many detailed Star Wars kits.

The science behind it: With the more complex kits available, a higher level of concentration is required. Which like Sudoku or jigsaws, requires the problem solving part of the brain to engage, therefore reducing the cortisol levels. Which over time can help to reduce anxiety, depression and help to improve your mental health.

Although many of the complex kits are very expensive and you may think that you are unable to afford such a luxury during a lockdown situation. Unless you are an in box collector and refuse to open a kit. There are many kits available on auction sites, as well as special offers provided by many toy shops. It is also worth keeping an eye on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals as it is likely that you may find an affordable kit.

Is Lego Worth Collecting?

As with many hobbies and investments for the future, there is an increasing trend in people collecting Lego Kits for the future. The reason for the increased number of collectors is the value of Lego, an important tool for this is at brick economy. With so many adults now choosing to collect sought after kits and light kits to improve their displays. New websites like Brick Light Kits created by Lego enthusiasts will encourage more adults to return to Lego.

Life Insurance Cover Lego Build Challenge

At Life Insurance Cover we actively encourage physical and mental health wellbeing and mindfulness. With this in mind, we would like to challenge you to share a picture of a most recent kit build or a completed Lego build of your own design. There is no competition, but if we have enough photos received on the website or the social media channels. We will have a draw and the winner will receive a Lego kit.