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Is Tech creating a lonely society

The balance of technology

Is Screen time a good thing?

The balance of technology and all of the fantastic advances made in the last 50 years is astounding. However the purpose of tech may have diluted the way we live our lives.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone/laptop/tablet or other smart device which consumes some of their time each day. The question about how much social interaction should we be doing via technology is quite a hard one to ask as each persons personality is different.

If you were to ask the 16-25 year old they would probably just answer with a grunt or “drop me a dm” or “have you seen my insta?”. However at the top of the age spectrum 65+ they would probably respond with a balanced discussion on how things used to be, and how technology can be challenging.

Finding the balance of technology

Please do not think the discussion is either bashing the amount of time an individual has in front of a screen or socialising with family and friends in person. As our society has become more connected and the world a smaller place. It has also become an insular one searching for approval from others for funny content or just to feel appreciated.

The challenge we suggest would be to take an hour a day away from tech and interact with a physical human being, either by seeing friends or family socially or calling someone up on the telephone. In today’s busy society it is to easy to pick your phone up on the train/bus/walking to and from work instead of appreciating the world around you. It would surprise most people to learn that a complete stranger would appreciate a smile or acknowledgement to help them through their day.

What we can all do

Living a fast paced 24/7 lifestyle without physical social interaction with other human beings creates social anxiety and self deprecation. Take a moment to think of others and how talking and laughing can be fun for everyone. It is up to everyone to find the balance of screen time and interactions to stop the question of “Is Tech creating a lonely society”. If you take up the hour a day challenge let us know how you got on, did you feel happier? Did you feel more included or did you not really notice a difference? #RandomActsOfKindness

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