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The New Normal

Is the age of meaningless celebrity dead?

For many decades the population has followed the trials and tribulations of the rich and famous. From its early beginning in newspapers and magazines to its current evolution of television shows documenting their lives. We asked some of our customers if they missed certain celebrities from the headlines and found many people felt liberated from the chains of celebrity. Also asking if the age of meaningless celebrities is dead?

While many people should be applauded for their motivations and actions during the pandemic, it is noticeable for the lack of celebrity/certain sports people, who usually crave attention, have been absent. At Life Insurance Cover we believe communities and families should be the new celebrity as they have come together in a time of hardship.

What will the new normal look like?

As all countries decide on the best exit back into society. At Life Insurance Cover we have looked at what the UK and the rest of the world could look like post Covid19. A few key trends which have been evolving over the past 5 years has been in the decline in the high street. It could be a relatively safe bet that the high street will not look the same as it did at the beginning of 2019. Many people embracing online shopping more than ever. It is clear many shoppers are finding a better outlet for their down time.

What about social interactions?

Many families have become quite isolated without the usual family meet ups and gatherings. The only aspiration we have at Life Insurance Cover is that families will be able to have closer bonds as we exit the lockdown. Social circles seem to be evolving from evenings out every weekend to zoom nights, as we approach the new normal it may create more meaningful nights out, rather than every weekend.

The new normal for business

A growing list of businesses are adding their weight to working from home and more flexible working arrangements. Aided by technology and video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Evolution in the work place

The big tech giants dominate when it comes to extending flexible work arrangements over a longer term:

Amazon – giving employees the option to work from home until at least October

Barclays – 70,000 staff currently working from home. A big city office “may be a thing of the past” said the bank’s boss Jes Staley

Facebook – extending work from home until end of 2020, as part of a long-term shift to more remote working

Google – has extended working from home until the end of the year

Mastercard – says the majority of its employees can work from home until they “are ready” to return. Also looking to consolidate global offices

Microsoft – working from home extended until October for most employees

Royal Bank of Scotland – staff allowed to work from home until at least end of September

Spotify – its workforce of more than 4,000 can work from home for the rest of the year

Twitter – has offered staff the option of working from home permanently, said chief executive Jack Dorsey

WPP – the world’s biggest advertising agency says returning to office is to be voluntary and flexible

The Further Future

As yet this is unknown, however if the changes made to lifestyles caused by the pandemic continue to evolve. We could innovate our way forward through technology in a similar way to the industrial revolution. Given the radical changes to life and how we work together will be defined by our actions. Which could result in the beginning of a new historical period in time.

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