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Life Insurance For Young Adults

life insurance for young adults

Getting Life Insurance protection in place is a subject many young adults don’t think about. But deciding on if you need Life Insurance protection is less about your age and more about your individual situation. A Life insurance policy is not just for people in their 40’s, 50’s or older generations, it is a necessity for anyone who have others who need them. It could be a financial obligation including a mortgage or rent or young children who are reliant on you.

When choosing to obtain Life Insurance For Young Adults, means that you have taken a very important first step in considering your priorities and are proactively creating a financial safety net for your family and loved ones.

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Should I Get Life Insurance If I’m In My 20’s?

How To Get Life Insurance For Under 30’s?

Will Things Be Any Different If I’m In My 30’s?

How To Get A Policy If You’re Over 30

Should I Switch Policy If I’m No Longer A Young Adult?

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Should I Get Life Insurance If I’m In My 20's?

Should I Get Life Insurance If I’m In My 20’s?

Many young adults in their 20’s have probably not considered the importance of buying Life Insurance For Young Adults. Mainly because they could be focused on completing their education or starting their career journey. However, there are some very important advantages for young adults taking out a Life Insurance policy. As a young adult, you are likely to benefit from a very low monthly premium, even when looking to obtain a significant level of cover.

The reason for the low monthly premium cost is due to how Life Insurance policies are calculated. Because you’re current age and health in your 20’s is likely to be a very low risk for a Life Insurance provider. They will allow you to get a much better monthly premium cost, rather than if you were to wait until you’re older and the chances of health problems increase.

By obtaining a Life Insurance policy whilst in your 20’s will offer long-term peace of mind that you have created a financial safety net for your longer term future. Which may include buying your first home or starting a young family.

Each Life Insurance policy is created to match the unique individual needs of the policyholder. At Life Insurance Cover we search all of the UK’s protection companies to find the best level of protection for our customers. As a whole of market Life Insurance Broker we will find the best level of protection for you and help to save you money. Simply get a free quote today and there is no obligation to take out a policy.

Life Insurance For Young Adults

How To Get Life Insurance For Under 30’s

There are many different situations in which young adults under 30 can benefit from being able to provide substantial financial protection to their families and loved ones. Once you have done your calculations and worked out how much cover you would like to have. You will need to then decide on how long you need your Life Insurance for Young Adults protection to run for.

Ideally you should choose a longer term policy, to provide protection for many decades to come. At Life Insurance Cover we can compare the UK’s top insurers to get the cheapest quote for those aged 30 years old or under. A Life insurance policy for a 20-30 year old could start from as little as £5 a month. Although this vary due to each person’s circumstances. The monthly premium cost may vary due to factors such as your overall health and the amount of protection you need.

It is extremely important to ensure that you choose the best protection for your individual circumstances because there are many different types of protection available. This is one of the many benefits of using a broker who searches all of the Life Protection companies for you. At Life Insurance Cover, our team of highly experienced advisors will do the hard work for you. Helping you to find the perfect Life Insurance protection for you.

Will Things Be Any Different If I’m In My 30’s?

As you get older and move into your 30’s, many things will have changed including becoming more established in your career or starting a family. You may also have people who may depend on you financially. A person in their 30’s is usually the most common age group for obtaining Life Insurance Protection. As you are now a little older you may have bought a home with your partner and have a mortgage together. If your new family home needs two incomes. It is always prudent to protect the long term safety of your future with a Joint Life Insurance Policy. If life does throw a spanner in works in the future. A Life Insurance policy can help your partner cope financially and ensure that your home is protected for the future.

By Getting a Life Insurance for Young Adults policy in place sooner rather than later will cost less and provide peace of mind for the future. The team at Life Insurance Cover can help you find the right level of cover whilst remaining cost effective.

life insurance for young adults

How To Get A Policy If You’re Over 30

By getting a Life Insurance policy whilst you are in your 30s gives you a huge advantage of being young enough to obtain low monthly premiums for the long term future. But a key point to remember is each person’s circumstances can vary quite dramatically. Which can impact the monthly cost and the level protection you are seeking.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Policy For A 30 year old?

The average monthly cost for a Life Insurance for Young Adults policy for a 30 year old can range from £7 – £20 a month. But this only an average price, your individual Life Insurance Quote might be cheaper or more expensive based on your needs and personal circumstances.

With the huge potential variation in monthly premium costs. It is important to do a complete search of all the Life Insurance Companies. A broker, like Life Insurance Cover can help you search and find the best protection available for you and your family. Whilst ensuring that the best level of Life Insurance remains within your financial budget.

Should I Change Policies If I’m No Longer A Young Adult?

Before deciding on moving any current Life Insurance policies, it is important to understand the potential risks. They could include a higher monthly cost, a previously included medical condition being excluded. If you have a Life Insurance for Young Adults policy it is likely that your monthly cost will be less than a new policy. Also if you have received an ongoing medical diagnosis during your current policy it will remain covered.

If your circumstances have changed by the time you reach the age of 40 or 50. It could make more financial sense to obtain an additional Life Insurance policy to reflect your current circumstances. Usually if you were to obtain the same level of protection at an older age, it will cost considerably more. This is because the risk of you passing away gets higher the older you get. This means insurers factor in the added risk that you might die during your policy term.

If you are aged in your 30s and 40s, the average cost of a Life Insurance policy could be in the £15-25 range per month. However, a Life Insurance provider will take rating factors into account other than just your age. This could impact the monthly cost of your premiums.

Rating Factors for calculating a monthly premium price include:



Smoker status

How long you need protection for

How much cover you need

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Life insurance protection is especially important for young people who have a mortgage, children, or people who rely on them financially.

By getting Life Insurance protection as a young adult often comes with many benefits including a much cheaper monthly premium price. But once you have made the decision to take out Life cover. This premium will be fixed for the entire length of the policy. This makes it extremely important that you fully understand what your protection does and what it will not cover.

At Life Insurance Cover we can help you in the search for the right long term protection that Life Insurance provides. By comparing all of the market, we can find the best policy available for your individual circumstances. Simply complete a quote form today and protect your family for the future.