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Life Insurance When Pregnant

Life Insurance and pregnancy

If you are expecting your first child or the addition of a brand new family member which brings happiness and excitement for the future. It can also be a time to consider many different factors during pregnancy. These could include getting everything a new born baby will need for the first few months at home. At some point you may consider protecting yourself through pregnancy with a Life Insurance policy.

Part of the consideration on whether you can get Life Insurance during pregnancy is protecting your family for the future.

In today’s guide we will take an in depth look at what you may have, including: 

Can I Get Life Insurance During Pregnancy?

Should I Get Life Insurance When I Am Pregnant?

Taking Out Life Insurance When Pregnant

Do I Need To Tell My Life Insurance Provider That I Am Pregnant?

pregnancy and life cover

Can I Get Life Insurance During Pregnancy?

The shortest answer is yes, you are able to get Life Insurance during pregnancy. The vast majority of women who are pregnant can still get Life Insurance. A policy can protect themselves, an unborn baby and other family members for the future. However, it can be a bit of a challenge if you are unable to find the right insurer for your individual circumstances.

Some pregnant women may experience difficulty in obtaining the right level of Life Insurance because of pregnancy-related health issues. Which can include high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels or gestational diabetes.

A few life insurer may prefer to postpone an application for a policy until a set time after you have given birth. Which is why it is important to use an FCA regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover who can search all the UK providers. Helping you to compare different insurers, to find the best Life Insurance for you during pregnancy and for the future.

Should I Get Life Insurance When I Am Pregnant?

Should I Get Life Insurance When I Am Pregnant?

When you decide to start a new family, or make an addition to your family. A whole level of new responsibilities will be coming your way.

One of the many new responsibilities will be providing financial security for your family’s future. By choosing to obtain an appropriate Life Insurance policy will give you peace of mind should the worst happen. The best type of long term protection for your family will help them to cope financially, especially if they rely on your income to provide for them.

By choosing to create a long term safety net for your family, will help you to be reassured that any expenses such as mortgages or other large household outgoings will be covered. Knowing that your partner and children will not have to struggle to make ends meet.

Pregnant and Life insurance

Taking Out Life Insurance When Pregnant

When choosing to look for long term protection for your family with a Life Insurance policy when you are pregnant is a very important decision to make. It is extremely important that make an insurer aware of any conditions including pregnancy. Anything less than full disclosure to an insurer about your health and lifestyle could impact your policy.

One of the key factor that a Life Insurance provider will look at will be your lifestyle choices. They will ask you if you smoke or consume alcohol. Many women choose to quit these habits when they find out that they are pregnant. If you had previously consumed alcohol or smoked prior to applying for Life Insurance, you will need to tell the insurer.

This reason for this full disclosure is because Life Insurance providers will ask if you have used alcohol or nicotine products (this includes e-cigarettes) for the last 12 months. If you have chosen to quit these habits for the longer term, an insurer will recognise this and provide lower monthly premiums.

The best option for getting cost effective Life Insurance when pregnant is to use the services of FCA regulated broker. Because FCA regulated brokers are able to compare the market by searching all Life Insurance providers. By using a broker, like Life Insurance Cover who can find the best protection for you, will save you time and potential disappointment.

Do I Need To Tell My Life Insurer That I Am Pregnant?

The short answer is Yes, It is extremely important that you tell your Life Insurance provider of any health issues that may affect your policy including pregnancy. If your policy was in place prior to becoming pregnant, it is likely that there will not be an impact to your policy. However, if your pregnancy has occurred during the application or shortly afterwards. It is very important to make them aware of your pregnancy as it might impact your policy.

It may seem irrelevant to advise an insurer about your pregnancy, but it is better to have a quick conversation. Rather discover that your policy has been cancelled due to non-disclosure of your pregnancy.  

How To Find Life Insurance Cover

If you are currently pregnant or simply planning for the future and want to make sure you have the right Life Insurance protection in place to protect your family. Our experienced team of specialist advisors can help you find the pest protection for you and your family.