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Making Life Insurance Quotes Simple

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Getting free life insurance quotes is one of those things that will probably not be very high on the get done list. You may think you have plenty of time to get it done or that it’s too complicated or time-consuming for you. Or you may simply keep putting it off because it’s not something you want to think about.

Getting Life Insurance Quotes

With all products which should have been explained to us as young adults. Life insurance for some has become quite a hard subject to know where to start. At Life Insurance Cover we have taken the complication out of the way. Making it easier for everyone to understand and get the best life insurance quotes available.

All you need to do to get free life insurance quotes, is a couple of minutes of spare time, some very basic general information about yourself and access to our life insurance quotes form. We have designed it to be a quick and easy way to get life insurance protection.

What You Will Need To Pick For Your Life Insurance Quote

The kind of life insurance you want, including Whole of Life, Fixed Term or Decreasing Term

Who you’d like to cover (just yourself or your partner too)

The amount of Protection you need, which could be a mortgage or replace an income

How much you can comfortably afford per month

Potentially how long you may need the cover for

Simple and easy to get a Life Insurance Quote

We’ve laid out the steps to show you, how easy the process is.

  1. Select the type of cover you need
  2. Tell us who you’d like the policy to protect along with the amount of cover you may need. Also how long you want the cover to last for (term).

Simply complete the entire form with your name, date of birth, and let us know if you’ve smoked or used nicotine replacements in the last 12 months.

We will also ask you to provide your phone number and an email address. They’re not compulsory, but to allow us to search all of the life insurance companies for you. Some will take longer than others to return a monthly premium for you. This will help you to apply for your free life insurance quote.

Once you request a quote, there is another selection box for the option of adding Critical Illness Cover for you. Some of the insurance providers we use allow standalone Critical Illness Cover, while some will add it on for free. That is one of the many benefits that we provide as a life insurance broker, rather than a marketing company or going direct to one insurance company. We have written an extensive guide to provide a clear explanation of Critical Illness Cover and its many benefits.

Flexible and Easy To Complete

And that is part one of being protected for the future. If you want to explore a few other protection options, our specialist team can help with many other types of protection. Otherwise you’ll have the option go ahead and get protected straight away. Knowing that a free life insurance quote will offer peace of mind, as well as protecting your family for the future.

To help figure out what sort of cover you may need, you can check out some of the many handy guides that we have created for you.

During The Application Process

If you decide to go on to apply, it may take a little longer as we need to ask you some questions about your medical history, health and lifestyle. But even so, completing the application will usually take less than 30 minutes.