Migraine Life Insurance

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Migraine Life Insurance

More About Migraines

A migraine is usually a moderate or severe headache felt as a throbbing pain on one side of the head. Many people also have symptoms such as feeling sick, being sick and increased sensitivity to light or sound. Migraine is a common health condition, affecting around 1 in every 5 women and around 1 in every 15 men. They usually begin in early adulthood.

There are several types of migraine, including:

  • With aura – where there are specific warning signs just before the migraine begins, such as seeing flashing lights
  • Without aura – the most common type, where the migraine happens without the specific warning signs
  • Silent migraine – where an aura or other migraine symptoms are experienced, but a headache does not develop

Some people have migraines frequently, up to several times a week. Other people only have a migraine occasionally. It’s possible for years to pass between migraine attacks.

Causes Of Migraines

The exact cause of migraines is unknown, although they’re thought to be the result of temporary changes in the chemicals, nerves and blood vessels in the brain. Around half of all people who experience migraines also have a close relative with the condition, suggesting that genes may play a role. Some people find migraine attacks are associated with certain triggers, which can include:

  • Starting their period
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Certain foods or drinks
  • Treating migraines

There’s no cure for migraines, but a number of medications are available to help reduce the symptoms, including:

  • Painkillers – including over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol and ibuprofen
  • Triptans – medicines that can help reverse the changes in the brain that may cause migraines
  • Anti-emetics – medicines often used to help relieve people’s feeling of sickness (nausea) or being sick

Preventing Migraines

If you suspect a specific trigger is causing your migraines, such as stress or a certain type of food, avoiding this trigger may help reduce your risk of experiencing migraines. It may also help to maintain a generally healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, sleep and meals, as well as ensuring you stay well hydrated and limiting your intake of caffeine and alcohol. If your migraines are severe or you have tried avoiding possible triggers and are still experiencing symptoms, a GP may prescribe medicines to help prevent further attacks.

Medicines used to prevent migraines include the anti-seizure medicine topiramate and a medicine called propranolol that’s usually used to treat high blood pressure. It may take several weeks before your migraine symptoms begin to improve.

Living With Migraines

Migraines can severely affect your quality of life and stop you carrying out your normal daily activities. Some people find they need to stay in bed for days at a time. But a number of effective treatments are available to reduce the symptoms and prevent further attacks. Migraine attacks can sometimes get worse over time, but they tend to gradually improve over many years for most people.

Many people who suffer with Migraines can obtain Life Insurance on standard rates. Insurers will however accept applications based on how severe the condition is. If the migraines are severe and debilitating they may apply a small increase to a monthly premium. By writing to your GP to confirm your treatment and whether there are any medical complications. They will also ask about the impact the condition has on their lifestyle and ability to work.

Finding Migraine Life Insurance

By using an FCA regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover who can search all of the UK Life Insurance providers to find the best Migraine life insurance cover for your needs. By using a broker to find the best policy available for you, will mean that you will be protected for the future.

Because Migraines can be defined as a long-term condition that links to other health conditions. Some insurers may be wary about accepting applications from people suffering from severe migraines. All insurers underwrite applications by writing to your GP to confirm treatment and medication. By allowing a Life Insurance company to write to your GP will reassure both you and the provider during a quote for Migraine life insurance. This is because you will be providing important information to the insurer, who will protect you for the future. It also ensures that an insurer manages and assess their level of risk. If you have had complications or secondary medical problems. It can be challenging to know where to find an insurer that can meet your needs.

Migraine Life cover

Costs For Insurance Premiums

As Migraines can be a long-term health condition, some insurers may charge a slightly higher monthly premium than a person with no health conditions at all. This will however depend on the severity of your condition. Whether you are able to keep your symptoms under control with medications and/or diet or lifestyle. An insurer may request some further details from your doctor to determine your premiums.

Prices from insurers will vary between each provider, which is why Life Insurance Cover is the best place to start in your search to find Migraine Life Insurance.

At Life Insurance Cover our team of advisors and comparison service can help you find the best FCA-regulated life insurer that suits your needs. Helping you to compare Life Insurance protection and find the best deal that is within your budget.

Who Offers Migraine Life Insurance?

Life Insurance Cover searches and compares all of the UK Life Cover providers to help people find cost effective long term protection policies. By using an FCA regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover will allow you to get a quick quote from all of the UK providers. We will get a quote from more than one Life Insurance provider and help you to compare the one that is best for you. By submitting your details through one of our quick and easy online forms to receive quotes. By searching and comparing Life Cover quotes will help you to find:

  • The best policy at the right price for Migraine life insurance
  • Protection for complete peace of mind
  • A specialist insurer that understands you and your symptoms

Different Protection For Migraines

Critical Illness Cover Insurance offers protection for many conditions including cancer. If you have received a diagnosis for Migraines, acceptance of your application will depend on various factors. This will include your overall health, whether your symptoms are under control. An insurer may want a medical report to review your current treatment. If you have experienced medication complications, you may face higher premiums or may even need to take out a policy with a specialist insurer.

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For more information on Migraines:

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