Over 50s Non-Medical Life Insurance

What is over 50s life insurance and how does it work?

Over 50s Non-Medical life insurance is a policy where you’re guaranteed to be accepted if you’re between the ages of 50 and 80. Because it’s a non-medical insurance policy. This means you don’t have to submit a doctor’s report or agree to a medical examination before taking out the policy. Making this policy suitable for those who may have been unsuccessful applying for other forms of life insurance cover.

An Over 50s life insurance plan lets you rest easy knowing that your funeral expenses could be paid for. Or you could use the money to help your loved ones.

Why should I choose Over 50s Non-medical Life Insurance?

An Over 50s life insurance policy could be a suitable way for you to get covered. If you have struggled getting life insurance policies due to a medical condition. This is because Over 50s plans do not require you to go through a medical examination before being approved for cover.

Over 50s cover can be classified as a type of Whole of Life policy. Which means it has no expiration date and will pay-out whenever you die. So long as you have kept up with the premium payments. Your premium payments will stop when you reach 90 years of age. Then you will have free cover for the rest of your life. Our advisors will explain the many benefits of all of the insurance products that we provide at Life Insurance Cover. We search the entire life insurance market to find the best solutions to your insurance requirements.

Over 50s Non-Medical Life Insurance

What are the benefits?

You are guaranteed to be accepted for an Over 50s policy because there is no requirement to have a medical examination. This may be suitable if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Which could otherwise make getting life insurance a difficult and trying ordeal. This means you can have peace of mind. Knowing that you are covered despite any health conditions which could otherwise impair getting a life insurance policy.

Are there any considerations with an Over 50s policy?

Over 50s life insurance policies can be expensive. If you are in relatively good health it may work out cheaper and more comprehensive to consider a Whole of Life plan.

There is usually a 1-or-2-year moratorium period where the insurer will not pay-out if you pass away during that time. This is usually at the start of the policy and means that the insurer will only pay-out if your death is ruled to be accidental.

You could also consider a level term policy or a mortgage protection policy. If your health is not an issue and you only want the cover for a set amount of time.

What affects the cost of  policy?

An Over 50s policy will ignore your medical history. But unfortunately that does mean you will be paying more for your premiums because you are seen as more of a risk by the insurer.

How do I get Life Insurance?

Taking out an Over 50s life insurance policy with Life Insurance Cover couldn’t be easier. Simply complete our enquiry form and our specialist advisors will be able to help you. Offering you the protection for you and your family.