Pets make the best co workers

Pets make the best co workers

As we approach the half way point of the week, many celebrate “hump day” as only having a couple more days in work before enjoying weekend time with their family friends and pets. During the current medical crisis we are all adapting to new work/life balances including working from home and adopting new co workers who ordinarily would look forward to seeing their owners at the end of the working day.

Helpful Pets

So for a change of speed today at Life Insurance Cover we are celebrating our fluffy workmates to ensure that productivity is still high and the moral within the new workplace remains high.

Although some of our canine friends have important jobs to do including helping to hunt down bad guys with the police/finding people who maybe lost with the mountain rescue and the fantastic sheep dogs that help the farmers.

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Social Media has exploded with animal happiness as many pets are now settling into their new roles as work professionals, however a family pet will always try to be helpful in any way they can, some are more successful than others. One thing we have noticed with most of these new recruits is the ability to appear professional in the tasks they complete, and how happy they are to help the new boss with their deadlines.

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