Can You Get life Insurance With Pre-existing Conditions?

Yes. If you are suffering from a pre-existing condition won’t necessarily affect your ability to obtain life insurance or the cost of premiums. Due to the increased risks associated with these conditions, most people believe that securing life cover is impossible.

This isn’t the case at all and by using an FCA registered broker, like Life Insurance Cover, you can secure affordable cover even with a pre-existing condition. We compare all of the UK’s Life insurers and find insurers most likely to accept your application.

In many cases, the cover you secure and the cost of your premiums won’t be affected by your medical condition.

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Life Insurance For Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Obtaining life insurance when you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition can be more difficult and can be more expensive. This is due to the increased health risks associated with many of these conditions. Insurers calculate the price of your monthly premiums based on the likelihood of a claim. Occasionally if the risk you pose is considered too high, an insurer may decline you cover.

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Application For Life Insurance

Whilst all other aspects of the application will remain the same, further information regarding your medical condition will need manual underwriting and could take a few days before being accepted.

When you apply, your insurer may request to see your medical records, speak with your GP or require you to undergo a medical before issuing a quote. This will allow them to determine the severity of your condition, any medication/treatment required and the impact the condition has on other aspects of your life.

Before an insurer can gain access to your medical records or contact your GP, they must obtain your consent. However, if you refuse this, it’s likely your application will be declined.

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Life Insurance Policies For Pre-existing Conditions

Whilst your policy application is undergoing manual underwriting, once it has been accepted, your cover will be enforced as standard. Unlike critical illness cover which may exclude certain illnesses relating to your condition, your life insurance will cover you for all the same causes of death as cover offered to a standard applicant.

It’s important to remember, however, that whilst your cover will be standard, your premiums may be inflated to compensate for the increased risk you pose.

What Medical Conditions Affect Life Insurance?

Previous life changing events, such as cancer, heart attack and stroke will affect your life insurance. Whilst pre-existing conditions can include manageable conditions like asthma, it also encompasses life-threatening major events such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

As with ongoing medical conditions, it’s still possible to obtain life insurance if you’ve undergone a severe attack or life-threatening condition. The application process will be the same, requiring medical information, and manual underwriting will provide a quote based on your personal circumstances.

Common pre-existing medical conditions include:

Diabetes, Heart disease, High blood pressure, HIV, Asthma, Epilepsy, Obesity, Depression. Or you may have suffered from a Heart Attack.

For a more complete list of medical conditions, please visit our Health A to Z page.

Developing a medical condition once your life insurance is in place won’t affect the validity of your policy.

The Importance Of Life Insurance

Life insurance can secure the financial future of your loved ones if the worst were to happen to you. As a sufferer of a pre-existing condition, the need for life insurance only becomes more prevalent as you live day-to-day aware of the risks associated with your condition.

Without adequate cover in place could your loved ones afford to:

Meet monthly mortgage repayments?

Afford daily family living costs?

Pay off any outstanding debt in your name?

Cover the cost of your funeral?

It’s possible to secure affordable life insurance even with a pre-existing medical condition. If you suffer from a medical condition, the cost of premiums can vary more when compared with a standard applicant. As a result, it’s even more important to compare quotes to secure the most cost-effective policy. Using an FCA registered broker, like Life Insurance Cover, will allow us to compare quotes and find the best protection for you and your family.

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