Life Insurance Cover


Over 50s Non-Medical Life Insurance

Taking out an Over 50s life insurance policy with Life Insurance Cover couldn’t be easier. Complete the enquiry form and our specialist advisors will help you. Offering you the protection for you and your family.

Level Term Life Insurance

Level Term life insurance is a policy where your cover amount you have chosen. Doesn’t change and stays ‘level’ throughout the duration that you have the policy. This means that your premiums are fixed for the length of policy.

Whole of Life Insurance

Whole of Life Insurance is a policy where you’re guaranteed a pay-out from the insurer whenever you pass away, because the policy has no expiration date.

Decreasing Term Insurance

Decreasing Term life insurance is a policy where your cover amount goes down or ‘decreases’ over the policy term that you have chosen. Which in turn lowers the monthly premiums throughout the duration of the policy.

Critical Illness Cover

If you suffer a stroke or heart attack, or develop cancer or another serious illness which meets the insurer’s specifications. You will receive your Critical Illness insurance sum while you’re still alive.