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Have you had a Trans Ischaemic Attack in the past and now looking for affordable TIA Life Insurance protection? At Life Insurance Cover we will can help you find the right policy for you and your family. Life Insurance Cover compares all of the different insurers in the UK to quickly and easily find cover that protects you and your loved ones.

TIA Life Insurance

What Is A TIA?

A transient ischaemic attack (TIA) or “mini stroke” is caused by a temporary disruption in the blood supply to part of the brain. The disruption in blood supply results in a lack of oxygen to the brain. This can cause sudden symptoms similar to a stroke, such as speech and visual disturbance, and numbness or weakness in the face, arms and legs.

But a TIA does not last as long as a stroke. The effects last a few minutes to a few hours and fully resolve within 24 hours.

Symptoms Of TIA

The main symptoms of a TIA can be remembered with the word FAST:

  • Face – the face may have dropped on 1 side, the person may not be able to smile, or their mouth or eye may have dropped.
  • Arms – the person may not be able to lift both arms and keep them raised because of weakness or numbness in 1 arm.
  • Speech – their speech may be slurred or garbled, or the person may not be able to talk at all, despite appearing to be awake; they may also have problems understanding what you’re saying to them.
  • Time – it’s time to call 999 immediately if you see any of these signs or symptoms.

In the early stages of a TIA, it’s not possible to tell whether you’re having a TIA or a full stroke.

A TIA is a warning sign that you may be at risk of having a full stroke in the near future, and an assessment can help doctors determine the best way to reduce the chances of that happening.

Causes Of A TIA

During a TIA, 1 of the blood vessels that supply your brain with oxygen-rich blood becomes blocked. This blockage is usually caused by a blood clot that’s formed elsewhere in your body and travelled to the blood vessels supplying the brain, although it can also be caused by pieces of fatty material or air bubbles.

Certain things can increase your chances of having a TIA, including:

  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Regularly drinking an excessive amount of alcohol
  • A type of irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation
  • Having diabetes

People over 55 years of age and people of Asian, African or Caribbean descent are also at a higher risk of having a TIA.

Preventing A TIA

A TIA is often a sign that another one may follow and you’re at a high risk of having a full, life-threatening stroke in the near future. Regardless of whether you have had a TIA or stroke in the past, there are several ways you can lower your risk of having either in the future.

These include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Not smoking
Finding TIA Life Insurance

Finding TIA Life Insurance

We specialise in searching the whole insurance market, Life Insurance Cover can find the right policy type and protection for you. It can be hard to find the right TIA life insurance cover for your needs, but we can help you.

As Trans Ischaemic Attacks are a short-term condition that will subside quickly. Most insurers will offer protection, if the TIA happened in the past. If you have made positive changes to your lifestyle and diet, an insurer will offer standard protection. If you have maintained your previous diet and life style, it may mean that some insurers may be wary about accepting applications. All insurers underwrite applications by writing to your GP to confirm treatment and medication. By completing the medical forms from customers looking for TIA Life Insurance. This ensures they manage and assess their level of risk. If you have had complications or secondary medical problems. It can be challenging to know where to find an insurer that can meet your needs.

At Life Insurance Cover our specialist advisors and comparison service can help you find the best FCA-regulated life insurer that suits your needs. Helping you to compare prices and find the best deal that is within your budget.

TIA Life Insurance protection

Costs For Insurance Premiums

As Trans Ischaemic Attacks are a short-term health condition, some insurers may charge higher premiums than a person with no health conditions at all. This will however depend on the severity of your condition. Whether you are able to keep your symptoms under control with medications and/or diet or lifestyle. If you have had hospital admissions as a result of a TIA, your premiums may be higher and an insurer may request some further details from your doctor to determine your premiums.

Prices from insurers will vary depending on who you speak to, which is why Life Insurance Cover is the perfect place to find the best TIA Life Insurance.

Who Offers TIA Life Insurance?

At Life Insurance Cover works we search all of the UK providers including all of the UK’s leading insurers for TIA Life Insurance. We also access specialist Life Insurance providers for people with ongoing medical conditions. By comparing Life Insurance quotes through an FCA regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover will ensure you receive all of the options available. We will get multiple quotes from more than one Life Insurance provider, helping you to and compare the one that is best for you. By submitting your details through our quick and easy no obligation quote form will start the protection process for you. Our UK based team of Life Insurance specialists will help you to find:

  • The best price for TIA Life Insurance
  • Protection for complete peace of mind
  • A specialist insurer that understands Trans Ischaemic Attacks and your symptoms

Different Protection for TIA

Critical illness cover

Critical Illness Insurance offers protection for many conditions including cancer. If you have received a diagnosis for Trans Ischaemic Attack. Acceptance of your application will depend on various factors. This will include your overall health, whether your symptoms have completely resolved. An insurer may want a medical report to review your current treatment. If you have experienced medication complications, you may face higher premiums or may even need to take out a policy with a specialist insurer.

Life Insurance Cover offers our free policy comparison services to help you find the right cover and take the hassle out of the application process. Simply complete the enquiry form to get a quote. It’s quick, simple and completely free.

For more information on Trans ischaemic Attacks:

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Have you have suffered a TIA and require Life Insurance? By using an FCA regulated broker, like Life Insurance Cover who takes the time to find the best policy and save you money. Can make the purchasing of Life Insurance as quick and simple as possible. Fill in the easy no obligation enquiry form to speak with member of our specialist team. Get protected with Life Insurance.