Trick Or Treating in 2020

trick or treat 2020

Many parents and children over the last decade have increasingly enjoyed getting dressed up in a ghoulish costumes to visit homes in their communities. There has been much growth in the annual celebration of All Hallows Eve, which includes more intricate pumpkin carving, house projections and increases in the amounts of children enjoying themselves. No one could have prepared for how bad 2020 could be.

At the point of writing this post, the UK currently has a restriction on groups of 6, which as many householders know is quite impossible if you have created a fantastic Halloween display for the children and their parents. Also there has been a marked increase in the “R” rate which means transmission risks are increased, also there is a wide discussion of a potential 2 week lock down for October.

The UK is yet to get to the main cold and flu season which usually arrives as the weather gets colder, which also coincides with the Halloween season.

Cancel Trick or Treating For 2020?

Not only does this topic seem to be a household and local community discussion, but the wider web has seen many discussions including on Mumsnet, with many people seeking clarity on what they should do when they ask:

Is Halloween Cancelled?

The overwhelming response from many parents and local communities will add further disappointment for children everywhere, the simple answer seems to be an overwhelming “yes”.

With the above restrictions on movement around communities and limits to the amount of people who can gather together may have brought an end to house-to-house visits for trick or treating this All Hallows’ Eve.

A key point for many parent’s concerns are to do with the physical act of trick or treating, which involves on knocking on a door and interacting with someone and then rummaging through a bowl of sweets. On the face of it pre 2020, there would be very little to worry about, but parents would not know if the householder or the child could be ill. Either with symptoms or asymptomatic which could transfer illness to another child. The householder could be a part of the vulnerable group, just returned from holiday and self-isolating. There are just way to many risks to the children, adults and the wider community.

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How Do I Tell The Children That They Cannot Trick or Treat?

Many parents are not looking forward to breaking the news about the loss of potentially the biggest sweet stash of the year. It is also noted that many parents on Mumsnet have compared the loss of trick or treating with not being able to enjoy Easter.

Many people have not been able to have their birthdays or celebrate occasions as usual this year. At Life Insurance Cover we recommend having an earlier discussion with children to best manage their expectations. Or if left to the last minute it could be misinterpreted as a punishment.

Another point that has been raised is the need for community interactions, as social distancing is not allowing people to meet up in numbers. This statement does raise issues if the “new normal” is a prolonged process until a vaccine or better management of Covid19 is in place.

Retailers Will Suffer Due to No Trick Or Treating

If the general population does decide not to go trick or treating this year, it will be bad news for retailers. In 2019 Britons spent in excess of £400m on Halloween. But charities and healthcare professional’s working with older people and the vulnerable group are urging parents and children to think very carefully about continuing the tradition this year.

Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, raised her concerns to the East Anglian Daily Times that many older people have concerns about returning to any form of normality, “which includes answering the door to trick or treaters”. She added: “We hope everybody follows the government guidelines.

Halloween Events Are Cancelled

A number of Halloween festivals in Scotland, including in Paisley and Fife, have already been cancelled, with many more across the UK likely to follow as the restrictions tighten from the government. There is mounting concern that many Christmas markets will go the same way.

How Can Halloween Be Still be celebrated?

Although there is likely to be a few houses up and down the UK who will decide to carry on regardless in 2020. Many local villages and communities are already discussing other ways to celebrate Halloween, these vary from scarecrow hunts, pumpkin hunts and many other suggestions.

It has also been suggested to have a school day event similar to world book day, which would allow children to still enjoy Halloween. One thing we do know is events similar to trick or treating for 2020 will be different and we can hope to be able to return to normal celebrations in 2021.

Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or on our Facebook/Twitter pages. Do you think Trick or Treating should go ahead or better to play it safe?