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Unlocking The UK With Vaccines

Unlocking The UK With Vaccines

Following our post in 2020 called Explore the UK summer Holiday. We take a further look at the potential for the UK after the latest lockdown. At the time of writing this post the UK is in its third lockdown and aggressively deploying vaccines to the most at risk of COVID-19.

In our previous post we took a look at how the government was introducing and using air bridges to different countries. This has had some success and some new variations of COVID-19 being introduced by new or returning travellers.

A new introduction to the UK is a quarantine period similar to Australia, where travellers from certain countries are being isolated in hotels. Although unpopular with some individuals, should this have been introduced in March 2020? Let us know in the comments section on your thoughts.

Opening Up After Lockdown

Opening Up After Lockdown

Will all the shops and pubs reopen after schools go back? Can we start booking holidays to warmer countries?

These questions and many more will hopefully be addressed by the government as we ease out of lockdown. The likelihood of being able to go and “eat out to help out” or rush abroad for a holiday is quite low because many people have not been completely vaccinated yet. This is purely speculation however as we do not know the full government road map to reopening.

If the government does suggest a complete opening of shops and the ability to travel abroad. Will the hard lessons of 2020 be learnt or will there be a staggered return to the new normal?

The UK population has shown its ability to adapt, innovate and thrive when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. These include working from home, new methods of keeping fit and healthy, education and keeping safe.

Cautious Optimism For 2021

Looking ahead to what will happen in 2021 will bring equal levels of excitement and anxiety to many people. This can be attributed to the potential ability to do much more than the UK was able to do in 2020 due to the vaccine rollout.

With many over 50s soon to start receiving their first doses of the COVID vaccines, it is important to remember that one dose is not immunisation. However, with many of the at risk groups protected it is likely that we will start seeing adverts from airlines pushing for holidays abroad. Will you be racing away as soon as possible to have a holiday?

Following the limited success in 2020 for many UK holiday destinations, is it worthwhile exploring the UK in 2021? With the “r” rate so low and the level of risk reducing around the UK. Is 2021 the year to rediscover our countryside and coastline? The potential choices that we will have available will only increase during the vaccine rollout and 2021. Would it be prudent to take a break in the UK while you wait to be contacted for your vaccine appointment, rather than being potentially being stranded in a different country or isolated in a hotel when you return?

What You Are Looking Forward To In 2021

What You Are Looking Forward To In 2021?

Unlike many New Year’s resolutions which meet varying levels of success, 2021 is a year that can provide real differences to many people. This could be to go and see family members that have been shielding, including grandparents or grandchildren. You may choose to travel to a completely different part of the UK to explore its history. Let us know in the comments section below on how you hope to exit the current lockdown.