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Declined For Life Insurance?

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When you first apply for life insurance, you have taken a first and very important step in protecting your family and loved ones for the future. However if after applying for Life Protection, you find that you are not guaranteed to be accepted by an insurer. But please do not think this is the case with all Life Insurance companies. Each different insurer and their underwriters take very different approaches towards risk. Including what they will consider to be an acceptable level of risk to take when agreeing to provide life insurance cover.

There could be many reasons why an individual Life Insurance company may have refused to offer protection to you. By using a Life Insurance Broker, who has the ability to search all of the providers for Life Insurance.  Will increase the chances of you being able to protect your family with a cost effective Life Insurance Quote and comparing all of the companies for you.

Been previously declined for Life Insurance? You may find the Declined For Life Insurance guide below very helpful.

The Declined For Life Insurance Guide:

Why Was My Life Insurance Application Refused?

What If My Life Insurance Quote Is Declined On Medical Grounds?

Can I Get Life Insurance After My Application Has Been Declined?

What Should I Do After My Quote Has Been Declined?

Struggling To Get Life Cover?

Why Was My Life Insurance Application Refused?

Why Was My Life Insurance Application Refused?

During the process of applying for Life Insurance and provided that you give all of the information to the insurer on their forms. You should get a quick and fair decision. If an application had been rejected or declined. It could be for a one or many reasons. Including any specific existing medical issues you may have. In certain circumstances your condition may require a specialist insurer.

Common reasons why a life insurance application could be declined:

  • The job you have or industry you work in
  • If your hobbies or pastimes include dangerous sports
  • An application was for a large amount of cover, which was not relative to your earnings
  • Declined on medical grounds

If you had been refused a life insurance policy for any of the above reasons. Or maybe something completely different. It does not mean you can’t get Life Insurance. A better option is to speak with an experienced Broker who searches every insurance company for you. At Life Insurance Cover we search all of the companies to find the best life insurance quote for you.

One of our experienced advisors will answer all your questions relating to your life insurance cover refusal. They will also help you find the right insurer who is more likely to accept your Life Insurance application as they have access to the whole of market of insurers and policy options.

What If My Life Insurance Quote Is Declined On Medical Grounds?

If your life insurance policy or quote has been declined, the most important thing you to do is not panic. You will need to find out the reason why it has been declined and the insurers reason for not offering protection. As all Life Insurance companies use their own risk criteria, there could be several medical reasons why an insurer may see your quote or policy as too high risk to insure. But as detailed on our pre-existing medical condition page, it doesn’t automatically mean that all insurance providers will decline you for life insurance.

Common Medical Reasons Why A Policy Being Declined Include:

Overweight Or Obese

Elevated Cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides. Having one these conditions may not be an issue, but if you have all three. It will be harder to obtain Life Insurance

Increased Liver Function

Blood Or Protein In Your Urine

High levels Of Glucose Or Blood Sugar

By asking your GP for access to your medical records, or request a copy from the insurer who has declined your application. It will give you an insight into why they refused to provide protection to you.

This will mean that you will have all the information they used to base their decision. By providing this information to a whole of market Life Insurance Broker. Will give them a clear picture and understanding of the pre-existing medical conditions and ensure that they find the right insurance provider for you.

Throughout our team of experts who have access to all the UK insurance providers across the entire market. They will help you find protection for you, even if you have been declined insurance on medical grounds.

Can I Get life Insurance After My Application Has Been Declined?

If you have had a previous Life Insurance Application declined. It does not mean that you are uninsurable or not able to get life insurance cover.

Follow The Steps to Get Life Insurance:

Find out the details from your life insurance application. Including why it had been refused.

Look at different ways to improve your lifestyle or hobbies for any future application.

Possibly look for a specialist life insurance provider or one which will be likely to accept your application.

Or The Much Simpler Choice is to:

Speak with one of our specialist team of advisors who will help you through all the above steps and will have the knowledge and experience to help you move forward and get the Life Insurance Protection you need.

By using the above steps or speaking with a Life Insurance Broker, you will be more likely to find the right insurer for you.

What Should I Do After My Quote Has Been Declined?

What Should I Do After My Quote Has Been Declined?

The most important point is to understand that a Life Insurance Quote or policy refusal doesn’t mean you cannot get Life Insurance Protection. As mentioned above it is important to understand why an application may have failed.

The information you get from the Life insurer will be very helpful to you when looking to complete a future application. Either with the same insurer, a different provider completely or a broker like Life Insurance Cover.

We do not recommend people to re-apply straight away with a new application. We also strongly recommend to not withhold information when obtaining a Life Insurance quote. This is because if the second insurer you approach for cover discovers information you’ve failed to disclose. Or purposefully withhold information or even lied about. A different life insurance application will probably be refused. Not only for the previous cause of the Declined Life Insurance application, but for the non-disclosure of all of the information.

If you have been previously declined life insurance by an insurance provider, the best way forward is to use an experienced whole of market broker and let them do the hard work for you.

Struggling To Get Life Insurance Cover?

Struggling To Get Life Cover?

Previously applied for and subsequently Declined For Life Insurance? It can come as quite a shock. However as detailed within this guide, it does not mean that you cannot get a great Life Insurance Policy to protect you. If you would like to use our expertise and specialist advisors to find the best policy for you. Simply apply online, without the worry of never being able to protect your loved ones for the future.  

Our priority at Life Insurance Cover is to provide you with the right policy with the best Life Insurance Quote available. We offer free no obligation Life Insurance quotes to our customers with peace of mind for you and your family. All of our advice is free and there’s absolutely no obligation to act on it.