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Mapping the Spread of Covid19

Mapping the Spread of Covid19

Following our previous post A Game Changer in UK Covid 19 testing, which detailed the breakthrough in testing from Cambridge and Oxford universities, INKC19 is a non-profit crowd sourced data health tracker for Covid19.

INKC19 helps to identify local communities and families who may have Covid19 symptoms. Using a traffic light system to identify hot spots within the UK and the wider community. The app is helping to turn the invisible Covid19 into a visible and more tangible enemy. INK C-19 has been developed to help local communities in the response to COVID-19.

Click here to go to the app created by Agitate and help your local community.

What Do they need to know?

By completing the medical status it will allow the collection of your current symptoms helping to identify:

No Known Symptoms

Suspected Symptoms

Actual Symptoms

Past Symptoms

How it works

More About the team at Agitate

London-based tech firm Agitate has created INK C-19, a free open-source Progressive Web App (PWA) designed to enable communities to monitor COVID-19 locally and globally.

The not-for-profit app allows individuals to easily state and update their health status in relation to the coronavirus and to see this data displayed anonymously on a map.

INK C-19 has been designed to work in addition to other tools. The aim of providing a more global outlook for local benefit. The service is supported with mapping and cloud hosting from partners including Mapbox and Netlify.

Agitate is FCA regulated digital payments and identity verification firm with expertise in privacy and digital identity.

Working Together

The Team behind INKC19 have created potentially the most secure way of tracking the spread of Covid19. Through publicly sourced pseudonymous data used to build heat maps of people’s symptoms in local areas. The app is open source and free to use by any trusted health service or government authority around the world.

Through anonymised heat maps they are already developing a picture of what the spread of COVID-19. By mapping major cities across the UK, including the likes of Cardiff and Manchester. With your help, INKC19 can go further and track the invisible threat caused by Covid19. With support for 26 languages built-in, they already have active users in 40+ countries around the world.

The publicly sourced information will also provide local communities with invaluable information. Detailing the spread and symptoms that are in their area. by mapping the Spread of Covid19 allowing anyone to see trends on a heat map across the world.

Moving Forward

The hope is many countries including the UK may soon be ‘over the peak’ of the virus. The reality is that we’re going to be living with the effects of Covid19 for a long time until an effective treatment or vaccine can be produced. We know that governments will want to be able to trace the spread of the virus and find areas which could cause further outbreaks.

You do not need to provide your personal details or subscribe to any database. The team behind INKC19 are looking for corporate sponsorship to help with the costs of running this project. For the wider community it is a free service to help to track the spread of Covid 19.

Please either visit their website here to see the UK map or click the link below.

INKC19 Facebook page

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