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My First Car Was

Austin allegro

Amazing, fantastic, drove brilliantly. While these emotional feelings towards your first car might be true. The chances that your car was the best thing since the invention of the iphone, might not be quite right. Everyone who has passed their driving test, and hit the open road has a special place in their heart for that little car.

my first car

How Lucky Did You Get?

While some parents took their lives in their hands to teach the kids to drive, most had many lessons with an instructor. Once the most stressful day of your life had been completed and you had passed your test. what followed next? Run around trying to find a car you can’t insure or use your nan’s car. Did you get lucky and have a hot hatch or that lovely painted Fiat Panda.

It didn’t matter too much if you car had been looked after its whole life or had 15 owners and 100k on the clock, it was yours. Now in 2020 we look back and think, should i have kept it?

Where Is My Old Car?

Has it survived? Did the person who said they would look after your car, keep their promise? Thankfully technology has helped and could offer the chance of finding your old car.

A website called how many left keeps a track on all of the cars on the road/Sorn in the UK. Sadly I must admit my first car has not survived. Not by my driving thankfully, but by the next owner. However if i wanted to find the same year, colour and maybe rekindle the excitement of nipping down country lanes, there are currently 2,300 Fiesta XR2’s left in the UK. Some are Sorn and some are in collections, but they survived. Do a quick search and see if your first car survived.

fiesta xr2 grey

Finding Your Old Car

Another way of trying to find your first car could be to try and track down the owner. Pretty impossible as there are so many car owners in the UK. But if you start your search with the car, it will confirm if your car is on the road or Sorn.

To The Fun Bit

Everyone can remember the emotion a picture can provide, now unfortunately I do not have a photo of my beloved first car. But posted above is the year and colour. Let us know through Facebook, Twitter or on the website, what your first car was and a photo if you have it.

Did You Find Or Keep Your First Car?

While most of us consign the memory of our first car to a summer with friends or that close shave with a corner, some have been lucky enough to find them and restore them. Or keep them original wrapped up in cotton wool.

Facebook and Reddit are full of groups trying to find old UK cars, either to show the current condition or track down favourites. So if you started your car ownership journey in a lovely coloured Austin Allegro or a Volkswagon Golf, nobody can take the little smile away that your first car gave you.

Over To You

What was your first car? How did it make you feel? Let us know on Facebook or on the website comments.

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